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Boeing Shanghai Receives the "Certificate of Enterprise with Good Quality, Credibility and Integrity in China” and “Entry Maintenance/Remanufacturing Business Qualification Certificate”

Publish Time2017/11/7 20:14:56
Brief View

 Nov.7, 2017 – Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of P.R.C presents Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services Company (Boeing Shanghai) the "Certificate of Enterprise with Good Quality, Credibility and Integrity Certificate in China” and “Entry Maintenance/Remanufacturing Business Qualification Certificate” which is approved by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of P.R.C. It facilitates a new trading pathway for maintenance business in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Boeing Shanghai is the first aircraft maintenance and modification company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone and it is the first enterprise that received “Entry Maintenance/Remanufacturing Business Qualification Certificate” in Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

The upgrading of aviation industrial function requests higher demands for the timeliness and convenience of logistics clearance. Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of P.R.C analyzed the characteristics of aviation maintenance industry comprehensively and leveraged a number of measures in support of Boeing Shanghai’s business expansion. Through moving quarantine forward and including maintenance hangar in the scope of supervision, the process at port was greatly compressed, which shortened the quarantine time from original 2 days to immediate release. Regarding aircraft materials under supervision, the remote video inspection instead of the original on-site inspection was used to save a large amount of logistics cost. The implementation of materials supervision during and after aircraft maintenance and regular check ensured replaced waste parts were exported or destroyed. It minimized the risk of maintenance contamination for environmental protection. Boeing Shanghai can declare products by implementing working modes like "clearance by reservation" and "inspection before declaration". It realized the immediate investigation of aircraft once landing in 7 x 24 hours and took advantages of "the integration of FTZ area and harbor", which makes the materials in and out FTZ quickly.

With Shanghai Pudong Airport gradually growing into a world-class aviation hub, aviation maintenance industry, as an important guarantee, needs to be upgraded. As the first foreign invested aircraft maintenance enterprise registered in the free trade zone, Boeing Shanghai has become a Center of Excellence for 787 heavy maintenance and modifications and Next-Generation 737 Boeing Converted Freighter modification. In 2017, a total of 28 airplanes with value of $3.68 billion were imported for maintenance and modification at Boeing Shanghai. Since Boeing Shanghai entered Free Trade Zone in 2013, it has kept an average annual growth rate of 11%, reflecting a good momentum of development. This year the company won the AA class qualification certificate issued by the AQSIQ. Boeing Shanghai’s business development marked the aviation maintenance industry in Shanghai Airport FTZ got breakthrough and transferred from low-end to high-end. Shanghai Airport FTZ has also become the first park including aircraft maintenance and modification function in China.

Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services’ business is under stable growth in Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the Boeing headquarters are confident in the development of Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of P.R.C’s next step is to proactively practice the requirements of "green development" that was put forward at the 19th national conference, and deepen the construction and reform of free trade zone, in order to further support the development of the aviation maintenance industry. For well managed companies with good credit like Boeing Shanghai, the new model of inspection and supervision will be implemented to focus on risk management. Transfer from prior management to post regulation, simplify prior management and inspection, as well as enhance supervision during and after event enable enterprises to enter "fast track" for immediate release based on seconds, further improve product clearance efficiency, reduce operating costs of enterprises and promote the formation of industrial scale benefit. 



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